Viber Messaging

Service Description

Viber is one of the largest ΙΜ platforms (instant messaging) for users around the world.

Now Viber gives a way for companies to communicate with their customers with many benefits.

Lower cost

Viber messages to Greece cost only 0.02€ and you are getting charged only for delivered messages!

There is a minimum monthly fee of 250€ that includes the first 12.500 delivered messages.

If a Viber message fails there is an option to send a SMS message (Fail-over).

Rich content

The length of the text can be up to 1000 characters in any language and it can be followed by an image and button.

The sender id of the messages can be the company name, up to 20 characters in any language. The messages are sent with the company logo image (Viber avatar).

2-Way messages

The sender id you reserve (usually the company name) can be 2-way and the recipients will be able to text you back.

Viber API

Viber API allows you to send and receive messages straight from your applications.

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Start using Viber messaging

Sign in and complete the Sender id application form which takes 3 to 5 days to get approved by Viber