White Label SMS Gateway  

  White Label SMS Gateway  

  White Label SMS Gateway  

  White Label SMS Gateway  

  High quality SMS Gateway for SMS Resellers  

The most advanced SMS Gateway in White Label under your own domain name

Ideal solution for Software houses, Programmers and Marketing agencies.

  With your own SMS API you will not redirect your software users to third party Gateways to purchase sms.

Take advantage of your applications potentiality and make them work for you!

The best SMS Gateway in the market, now can be yours

Start your own SMS Gateway within 1 day.
It supports all mobile networks worldwide and multi languages.

Its unique features include:

User management

Through the administrator panel easily manage all user accounts. Monitor the system status, the sms queue, purchases and all the necessary administration tools

Payment options

It supports PayPal, online payments and credit cards. Monitor and manage the purchases of your users in real-time with email and sms alerts

Advanced User Interface

The most advanced Single Page Application (SPA) User Interface materialized using Web 2.0 technologies like HTML5 & AJAX

Social marketing ready

Supporting sign in using Google and Facebook accounts and other social actions (like, recommend) makes it ready for dynamic social marketing

SEO Optimized

Extra attention has been given to the Search Engine Optimization part of the service design. It uses extensively Google Adwords and Google Analytics metrics. Technically flawless to the last detail:
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It supports reselling internally through a second semi-white-label service. For more information sign in to your account

Multi languages

Embedded multi language support makes translation to any language easy. Soon there will be translations for most languages

Worldwide coverage

Can connect to any SMS Provider to provide worldwide coverage

Start your own SMS Business in a day!